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BREAKING NEWS!! The Sagemore Bridge is starting to break from the down below as the metal starts to rust! 

On November 19, 2018, there were signs of rust on the metal of the Sagemore Bridge, as every day and night passes by. The metal rusting, Unfortunately, started to rust 5 years ago - And nobody Noticed! Theories of the Sagemore Bridge started to occur of what would happen to the Sagemore Bridge, and if possible - if the Sagemore Bridge takes a fatal hit by a storm or of any kind, we won't be able to have any transport to the other side for food, clothing, etc.

Why is this Important: The Sagamore Bridge in Sagamore, Massachusetts carries Route 6 across the Cape Cod Canal, connecting Cape Cod with the mainland of Massachusetts, as it carries all the things to earn a living!

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Fake Sites, Fake Stories: "Liar Liar, Pants on fire" Media Explanation

How to Avoid Fake Sites and How to tell the Difference
Fake Sites: What do they mean?
Fake sites are NOT real and official news or media sites that can cause real potential dangers or give out fake stories/lies on the internet (If you click on their link, they can get money off people when the link is clicked).
Here's one of the three sites:
Mankato, MN Homepage: This is NOT a professional website and lacks info to tell people what's the site's meaning to tell (Look around at your own risk) 
Site #2
Buy An Ancestor Online: This Site does NOT make sense at all, and it's a makeshift site to bait people into buying, and then getting scammed their money - Always avoid these sites if they don't look professional (Look Around at your Risk) 
Site #3
GenoChoice: This Site does NOT look like it was made by a professional and, Again, it's a makeshift site to bait people into buying

If th…

Point Of View - 3 Pictures

Point Of View - 3 Pictures
Consider Things from a angle as people take pictures, what does the angled pictures mean? Take a picture from a angle, and then explain what the reasons or story about it.
For Example 1: I noticed that this picture was trying to capture a scene from the trees, as they are trying to touch the sky. It looks like that the picture is from a person eyes when looking up. 
For Example 2: This picture is one of the most unbelievable pictures that i saw in my life, as i realized that mostly the picture represents itself as life split into two. 
For Example 3: This pictures is a good point of view picture to talk about, because it represents life trying to touch the sky. 

Taking angled pictures is like seeing through a person's eyes. that's what "Point Of View" means when taking pictures from a certain angle.

Leading Lines

Leading Lines - How to

Learn how to go in a straight line as if it were a road - when aiming the camera - and then find some lines aiming at the center
Another Example:
Aim, and then look in a point (Center of the Image) of where the lines are pointing at.
Leading Lines are Amazing for Point of Views - Try it!