Final Part 3

"Futures" Survey
So, I know that surveys are sometimes helpful to sort things out for other people, but surveys are more than a data collection tool used to gather information about individuals. Surveys are used to sort life ahead. A survey may focus on factual information about individuals, or it might aim to obtain the opinions of the survey takers.
So, I guess this is it...
 there nowhere else ahead, but up...

Final Part 2

I do sometimes like to enjoy the outside as well

Final Part 1

Pixlr or Photoshop Work
As I was inspired to do photoshop, I got so creative with so many other pictures.

After the Photoshop

My Creativity was endless but in the end, I could've done more than this

Python (Trinket)

"How to Share a Google Drive Folder!"

2 Factor Authentication - How And What? (Link Not Available Yet)

Survey Infographic